July 9, 2010

What if your partner does something that you don't like - TIP

If anything happens during the session that you don't like or doesn't work for you, don't let it build up negativity or resentment.

If it hurts or feels really uncomfortable, you can give your partner a sign that it's not really working for you.

If you can and as much as possible, try to keep that type of information for the feed back minute after the session. That way you won't interrupt each other's flow and inspired ideas.

In the feed back minute be gentle but do share what works and what doesn't.

If you get some "negative" feed back, see it as an opportunity to learn and discover new skills.

That's one of the key to mastering tantric sex play:

It is to accept the fact that there is a learning curve.

Your partner's feed back is essential to you as it will help you master your tantric sex techniques.

Also, do give feed back, both positive and negative if any.

Many people will touch you, kiss you or take some action that can feel uncomfortable, painful or be a massive turn off.

Unless you tell them, it is challenging for them to find out.

I have frequently seen and experienced both men and women taking some sexual action that they thought was arousing when in fact it's a turn off or even painful.

Remember as well that different people have different tastes too!

Something that worked with a previous tantric sex partner might be inappropriate or a turn off for someone else.

This is why these feed back minutes after session are so essential to keep perfecting your techniques.