July 9, 2010

Lingam massage positions - TIP

I already covered extensively lingam massage techniques in another post.

Something which ads spark to these techniques is to shift positions as well.

For instance the man can:
  • Lay down on his back and you sit on his side.
  • Lay down on his belly and you put a pillow under his belly so that his lingam doesn't touch the mat and you can reach it easily.
  • He kneels and bends forward and puts either his hands or elbows on the mat. You kneel or sit behind him and reach his lingam by bringing your hands between his legs.
  • He kneels up - Higher posture - and you stand behind him kneeling as well. You stimulate his lingam by bringing your hands to the front.
  • He stands and you can be either behind or in front of him.
  • Etc.
As you can see you have dozens of possible variations.

The simplest one is of course for him to lay down and relax on his back, while you sit next to him.

Even with your sitting position, you have a few possible variations.

You can sit cross legged, in lotus (padmasana), half lotus (siddhasana).

You can as well bring your leg which is closer to his face over his body to be more comfortable and find better balance.

You can as well rotate a bit so that your face is in his face's direction and it's your leg closer to his feet that you put over his legs. This one gives you an excellent angle for his lingam's massage.

Experiment with angles as well. It's essential that you find the best position, especially if you want to stretch the session for 30 min or more.

Take some time to experiment if you are not sure. Simply tell your partner that you will be trying a few poses to see which one works best.

The one who is leading can select the poses. You can keep a laying pose for a whole session or consciously shift pose every 5, 10 or 15 min for instance.

Remember that you can encourage him to relax and be totally passive to your touch as if he was receiving any other form of massage.

Especially if he has little experience with this technique, your male partner will often try to reciprocate while you massage him.

He might try to kiss you, caress you, reach your yoni, or move his belly a lot to increase his own stimulation.

His activity can be exciting but it can as well make you lose focus on your lingam massage technique.

Him being more active can be an option of course, but what often works best is for him to fully relax and be passive so that you can concentrate on your massage technique.

If you want to engage together in an active, passionate exchange after an initial massage, that's an option too.

That's something to check in the feed back minute AFTER the session. For instance if he wants to touch your yoni in an angle that doesn't work for you and you want him to be still, that's a feed back point you can give him after the session.

You can say something like:

"I know it's exciting to stimulate each other at the same time. It was fun but for our next session, I would like to see what happens if you are totally still and passive. I have the feeling I might be able to concentrate on your lingam way better... Is this something you would be happy to try?"

This is why it is often essential to choose who leads the session. That way, the one who is led consciously accepts to let the other person experiment if they want to.

If anything happens during the session that you don't like or doesn't work for you, don't let it build up negativity or resentment.

If it hurts or feels really uncomfortable, you can give him a sign that it's not really working for you.

If you can and as much as possible, try to keep that type of information for the feed back minute after the session. That way you won't interrupt each other's flow.

Free your mind ;)

None of the guidelines I give you here are static. They are only suggestions that I tested and believe work really well.

Ultimately, tantric sex is a real art and feel free to explore it in your own unique way.

To your tantric power!