July 9, 2010

Different people might have different tastes - TIP

Something that worked with a previous tantric sex partner might not necessarily work for someone else.

Your new partner might find it inappropriate, uncomfortable or even be turned off by it.

Here are some examples of these possible differences from person to person:
  • How much pressure she likes on her clitoris.
  • Type of favorite stimulation, finger, tongue or intercourse.
  • Favorite sex position.
  • Being turned on or turned off when you see your partner pleasuring themselves.
  • Openness to invite other people to play with your couple.
  • The best time for sex.
  • How much structure to give to your tantric sex session.
  • Being totally passive while your partner stimulates you.
  • Etc.
When you check it, you see that there many variations from person to person.

It is always good to ask your partner to get a confirmation.

The simplest questions to ask are:
  • How does that feel?
  • Do you like it when I do that?
  • From these two options which one do you prefer?
  • Etc.