July 7, 2010

Set a time length for the session before you start - TIP

Timing is super important.

Your partner might have to leave soon, need rest or have the whole afternoon to play.

You don't know, right? 

Find out BEFORE you start playing!

That way, you are warned and you both know for how long this session will go.

Imagine that you are in the middle of a super intense tantric wave and your partner tells you they have to leave. 

If you don't know about it, it can hit you and not feel nice at all.

For how long should your tantric session last?

If you are new with it, start with short 5-15 min sessions.

Once you gain practice and are in tune with each other, you can stretch these sessions for 1 to a few hours.

Make sure that you check with each other before you start and decide for how long you want to practice.

This will avoid interrupting each other's flow without warning.

Of course if you know you have the full night for each other, you can be way more flexible and go with passion's flow.

Less structure and more spontaneity is super exciting too.

Keep the communication channels open with your partner and make sure that you both agree and like whatever you decide.