July 7, 2010

Tantric sex + Yoga poses - TIP

Combining tantric sex with yoga poses is incredibly arousing.

It could be because when you take a pose, you already activate your life force.

Adding sexual stimulation can take these poses to a whole new dimension of pure pleasure.

What does it look like?

Here is an example:

If your partner is a male, taking the poses and you are a female, you can for instance kiss his lingam with every pose. I don't mean just a gentle kiss on the surface. I mean actively stimulating him with your tongue and lips.

As he holds each posture, find the best way to reach his lingam and kiss them with delight.

Play with this! It's really lots of fun.

Let him hold the pose for a bit longer than he would if he was alone.

Then let him shift pose and join him again by approaching your lips to his lingam.

You can use your hands, whole body or just tongue and lips.

For instance, only using tongue and lips will create lots of excitement as it brings this extra desire call which stays suspended.

You can flow like that between a few poses and literally have a whole yoga session in which you simply ad this lingam stimulation with your lips and tongue.

This means that the session can go on from a few minutes, a few poses to an hour or more if you like.

If you are new with it, start with short sessions like 5-15 min.

Once you gain practice and are in tune with each other, you can stretch these sessions for longer.

Make sure you check with each other before you start and decide for how long you want to practice.

This will avoid interrupting each other's flow without warning.

While he takes the poses, you can as well shift practice and instead of kissing his lingam, get him to kiss your yoni.

Here is how you can do this:

You can let him take the pose and ask him to stretch his tongue out. Then, gently approach your yoni and feel his tongue massaging you or even penetrating you.

As his hands might be busy ans because it could be even more arousing, you can again avoid touch with any other part of the body.

This means that only his tongue and lips can touch you.

If you want stronger stimulation, press your yoni slightly harder or closer to his lips so that he can kiss you with his full flat tongue and lips.

To hold the position, you can as well gently hold his head in the right direction. This allows him to increase his kissing pressure on your yoni.

You can of course alternate roles and if you were the female kissing his lingam, you can now for instance take the poses and let him kiss your yoni too.

You can as well let him penetrate you with every pose you take. Find the right position and get him to slide his lingam in you. You can hold the poses for a few seconds with or without movement, let him withdraw and take a new pose.

You can as well engage in more full body massage practices while posing, using lots of oils and giving special attention to lingam and yoni!

Wild, right? Are you turned on yet? ;)

Of course, all variations of this tantric sex play are possible.

Use your imagination and take it as a practice you can develop and dive into.

As you can see, there is some structure to it.

It is not just a wild and spontaneous sex exchange.

Adding this type of VERY SUBTLE structure to a tantric sex session gives you the space to expand your horizons consciously and explore new forms of pleasure you might not find otherwise.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear about your experience.