July 8, 2010

Combine a breathing technique with sexual stimulation - TIP

Use a breathing technique with sexual stimulation.

For instance if you are a man and your tantric partner massages your lingam, you can practice for instance the following technique:
  • Breathe in for 8 sec
  • Hold for 8 sec
  • Breathe out for 8 sec
Take deep breaths as you practice this.

If you get too excited, you can ask your partner to massage you more softly so that she doesn't over stimulate you.

Another way to go is to let her stimulate you only when you hold your breath.

This means that she stops massaging you when you breathe in and breathe out.

Once you get used to this technique, you can stretch the "hold" time to 16 sec for instance.

You simply count internally.

Why is this such a powerful technique?

Because the alternation of rest and stimulation combined with this conscious breathing technique builds up an incredible amount of energy and sexual flow in you.

You can practice this technique for just 5 min in the beginning.

Once you and your partner get used to it, you can stretch the time to 15 min and eventually to even longer 30 or 60 min sessions.

There is no limit.

You can of course use lingam kissing stimulation instead of hand if you like.

You can as well reverse the roles and stimulate her yoni using the same type of rhythm.

This is just a first hint:

The core idea is always the same no matter which way you go. In this case it is to combine sexual stimulation with a breathing technique.

You have dozens of other possible techniques that you can use.

This is a vast topic in the yoga field.

That's a first hint.

Try it!

It's incredibly powerful to build up tantric energy!