July 9, 2010

Plan your tantric sex sessions - TIP

You have two ways to go with tantric sex sessions.

The first one is to follow your passion and simply engage with your partner spontaneously when you feel like it.

The second one is to plan your sessions.

Both approaches work really well, so you can experiment and see what suits you best.

Why plan?

Because everyone is very busy these days and if you want to consciously engage in a tantric energy build up, planning your session will secure that space and prioritize this activity.

The best times for sessions are morning after waking up and especially evenings when energy enters in the refinement mode.

Decide who will be leading, that way the one who leads can choose one or more techniques, the length for the session and prepare the space.

I know that planning a tantric sex session can feel less passionate, romantic or spontaneous but it is VERY powerful.

To get turned on and wake up desire, you can initiate practice with some dynamic breathing techniques, yoga poses, an energy building technique or a kissing minute.

Even if you are not into it at first, your desire can wake up very fast. Once you give each other's bodies a bit of attention you are usually ready to go!

We plan yoga sessions, training at the gym and all sorts of other activities. Why not plan your tantric sex sessions?

If you rely on simply finding spare time for tantric sex after long and busy days, you might systematically end up with late night practices or even be too tired to even engage into it.

When you plan it and consciously open space for it, you empower your tantric sex life immensely.

You give it time and give it priority too!