July 9, 2010

Interval stimulation - Simple way to build up tantric energy and avoid over excitement - TIP

This one is especially useful to avoid over stimulation and loss of semen.

It allows you as well to build up tantric energy for much longer so that sessions last for one or even a few hours.

This technique is simple.

Suppose that you are a woman and that you stimulate your partner's lingam with a strong hold massage technique.

He is laying on his back and you are sitting cross legged on his side next to him.

Here is what you do:

Instead of stimulating him continuously for minutes, you follow the rhythm of your conscious breathing technique.

Choose a breathing technique.

It can be any breathing sequence.

Synchronize this breathing technique with your partner so that you two follow the exact same rhythm.

The simplest approach is to breath in for 8 sec, hold for 16 sec, breath out for 8 sec.

You stimulate your male partner's lingam only when you hold your breath.

On the breathe in and breathe out, you stop massaging him but keep your hand on his lingam if he can take it.

Remember that you and your partner synchronize your breathing.

This means again that he will be stimulated only when he is holding his breath.

What this does is that it builds up excitement and tantric energy without taking the risk of semen loss.

Because you consciously regulate how much stimulation you apply to his lingam, you can literally last for hours with that one.

In the beginning, start with 5 min, have a feed back minute with your partner.

Once you are ready with first tests, you can progressively increase the session's length to 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour and even 2 or more hours.

To ad variation, you can change positions and for instance he can kneel or stand. You have many possible positions for lingam stimulation and I will describe them in detail in another post.

Of course, as with other techniques, you can reverse the roles and have your partner massage your yoni using the exact same rhythm.

You can as well use this technique as a self pleasure approach when your partner's not around.

That's a super powerful technique to build up tantric energy and get sessions to last way longer.