July 8, 2010

Use this very arousing lingam kissing technique - TIP

Here is what you can do.

Simply lay next to him and put your head on his belly facing his lingam. Gently give his lingam a few kisses.

Use the tip of your tongue very slowly to touch his lingam here and there.

Do this playfully and gently.

After maybe 30 sec of this foreplay, take his lingam in your mouth and simply keep it there without moving anything at all.

Lay your head on his belly and stay like that without moving.

Synchronize your breathing with his.

When you feel aroused, make some sounds to let him feel that you are exited to have his lingam in your mouth.

Rest like this together for a few minutes.

There is absolutely no rush.

Every now and then, while his lingam is still in your mouth, you can move your tongue just a tiny bit and touch his lingam either with your flat tongue or just with the tip.

Then rest again and stop moving while you keep his lingam in your mouth.

Every now and then, do this again and move your tongue again just to gently touch him just for a couple of seconds.

To ad variation, instead of using your tongue, you can as well slightly pressure his lingam with our lips.

Or you can do both: lips with very slight pressure and playful touch with your tongue.

Only move your lips or tongue for a couple sec every now and then.

You want to stay totally still during most of this practice with absolutely no movement.

For instance, you can stay totally still for 30 sec and then give him this very light tongue stimulation for just a couple of sec and stop.

Then stay still for maybe 10 sec, light stimulation and stop.

Then still for maybe 40 sec, light stimulation and stop.

Don't let him predict when you will give him this bit of extra stimulation. Following your own rhythm and variating intervals makes it very playful.

This is incredibly arousing for a guy.

This is one of the core lingam kissing techniques.

Your partner will be absolutely delighted if you use this powerful stimulation technique with him.