December 16, 2009

Why pleasure is good - ARTICLE

Amongst the most useless emotions you can develop in your mind, you find guilt.

The root of guilt is a conflict between what you experience in life and what you believe to be right or wrong.

One of the key guilt areas is sex.

When you have sex, there is a potential for a totally fulfilling experience.

It is a fire which wakes up in your body with a powerful stream of love.

This stream can take you to ecstasy.

If you stimulate this force even more, you reach a point of stillness and total bliss.

If you did experience this before, you probably wonder how such a magnificent experience can turn into a negative emotion like guilt, right?

This has of course to do with western and eastern mentalities, education, old beliefs and so much more.

A lot of this guilt is initiated in various religious fields.

Where does it come from?

Well, when you want to dedicate your life to the highest, the worldly pleasures can be a side track.

Many monastic traditions put renunciation in the core of their beliefs.

This means that they renounce many worldly quests like money, sex or other “superficial” and “non fulfilling” pathways.

Now, these beliefs have been so embedded for thousands of years that you might have forgotten why they even existed in the first place.

The emotion of guilt is simply a left over mind set which reminds you to walk in a certain direction.

It says that if you step aside and invite deep sensual ecstasy into your life, you will doomed and end up in the darkest areas of the human mind.

This is not true of course.

The path of spiritual evolution through sexual union does exist. It has been practiced by millions of people around the world for centuries.

It did lead many to very profound realizations about human life.

It created joy, intense love, a sense of unification in millions of lives.

Any pathway you take is a choice.

You are free to decide for yourself what suits you best.

What matters is that you feel fulfilled as a human being.

If you are thirsty, you can try to suppress this thirst or simply drink some water and enjoy the freshness of this simple experience.

A naked body is very pure.

Sexual union is a divine act if this is where you want to see it.

Like with any natural forces the goal is of course to master these energies, not to be a slave of them.

This is the context in which you can explore the quest for pleasure and ecstasy.

Sure, you can get side tracked.

Sure, you can wake up sources of fire in you which might be challenging to tame.

But guess what?

That’s the kind of learning process you go through in life when you engage yourself in any human activity.

Any exploration requires skills and sex tantra is an exploration.

You can use some guidance and existing ideas. No need to reinvent the wheel.

At the same time, with every step you take, you penetrate deeper and deeper into a virgin territory.

The laws directing the balance in these spheres might be slightly different than other life fields.

However, engaging into this quest can be intensely rewarding. A world of wonders is ready to be discovered.