December 16, 2009

The universal dimension of tantra - ARTICLE

Tantra goes far beyond the limits of India.

The principles or ideas behind tantra are universal.

This means that they don’t even belong to a certain system or religion.

You can readapt these principles freely to your own life and rename them in whatever way you want.

The keyword here is “freedom”.

You are free to redesign any of these ideas according to your own needs.

You are free, yes!

The goal of this e-book and ideas is not limit you within a rigid set of rules and ideas.

The goal is to free your mind and offer you a protected space where you can expand your own beliefs, feelings and desires.

I trust you!

I trust that there is a guiding instinct in you which knows the answer to any question.

This is why everything you read here is totally open for being rewritten, changed or modified according to what you feel.

If you don’t like something which is said in these pages, erase it, change it or rewrite it according to what you feel.

It is your right to do it.

There is no such thing as absolute truth in this e-book.

These are only some ideas, concepts or guidelines which might help you take the next step.

If any of these next steps do not suit you, create another step which will fit better your unique needs.