December 16, 2009

So, what is tantric sex? - ARTICLE

Here are a few ideas to introduce you to tantric sex.

This is by far not all there is but it will give you a starting point.

In the tantric world, a penis becomes a lingam. A vagina is a yoni.

Both lingam and yoni are divine attributes and gateways for profound pleasure and realizations.

Orgasm is never the goal.

The real tantric goal is transmutation of energies into higher forms.

By transmutation we mean no suppression, it is rather the gentle flow of energy from the lower chakras into the higher ones.

Stimulate your sexual energy through tantric sex and rather than reaching climax keep on building sexual tension in your body.

After a while (like a couple of weeks), you start experimenting opening in all chakras. It is like the creation of an inner space and clarity.

This happens on an energy level.

It is a blissful experience because it clears the mind.

This is the true meaning of sexual freedom.

For most people, sexual freedom means having sex with whoever you want.

Within tantric sex, sexual freedom would rather be the true freeing of sexual energy in your body.

Most of the times, sexual energy is simply constricted or limited within the lower chakras.

When you feel excited and engage into sex, your sexual energy tends to still be polarized in the usual energy channel.

The natural purpose of this energy channel is simply to concentrate the sexual energy to release semen and eventually give birth to a child.

Now, with tantric sex, you dissolve this channel and create a whole new use of your sexual energy in your body.

You give it a new expression.

To do so, as a man you “retrain” your instincts so that ejaculation and traditional orgasm does not happen.

This makes a total difference because for a man all the seeds of energy contained in the semen are concentrated and used in a different way.

A spermatozoid is filled with a life potential. It is a seed of energy and if you keep this seed inside, it will simply expand in very different ways.

Nature did not create this tantric pathway as its main expression.

Nature needed to be focused on procreation first; otherwise, the human race would not have survived.

The tantric sex way is a new development in human sexual behaviour which opens new doors in our consciousness.

The best way to go is to experience how it works in your body.

This retraining of the body is really why it can be challenging at first to engage into tantric sex.

Many people simply don’t have time and energy to retrain their instinctual sexual response.

Most men with who I talk, always loose semen in the sexual act.

This means that a sexually active male will easily loose semen a few times in a week.

Now, this usually creates an energy gap in the body and a significant loss of stamina.

Imagine what would happen if this stamina was kept inside rather than lost through ejaculation.

What about women?

We talk about loss of semen but what happens to women when they orgasm?

Do they loose stamina and tantric potential as well?

I am still actively investigating that question.

My preliminary conclusions show that women do as well loose a significant amount of stamina when they orgasm.

They might not loose semen (even though we talk about female ejaculation in some cases), but they do release sexual energy when they orgasm.

For a woman, sexual energy builds up in the body.

You engage into sex.

Eventually, you have and orgasm.

Now, what happens after orgasm or multiple orgasm?

In most cases, you loose this sexual tension feeling.

The energy that was built to create this inner tension is released and you fall asleep or engage into other activities.

You can as well simply lay there enjoying the after effects of the orgasm.

The release of energy is obvious.

Even though this release might not be as significant as for a man it is still there.

Now, imagine what happens when both partners keep on building sexual energy endlessly without having an orgasm.

This sexual energy eventually expands and breaks through to find new channels through the body.

Now, when this happens, you break through into a totally new life dimension.

Your mind feels brighter.

You feel happier.

Love and harmony keep expanding.

Your level of desire stays very high.

You connect with your lover in new very subtle ways.

You feel bright and extremely awake.

There is only way to go: experience it.

After a few weeks of active tantric sex practice (without orgasm or loss of semen), you enter literally in a new state of consciousness.

You might go through a whole series of mystical experiences where for instance your heart chakra starts boosting rhythmically in local and blissful energy explosions.

You feel intense brightness in your third eye.

Your solar plexus feels empowered and cleared from negative emotions.

This is not the end of course. It is only a sample of what you can experience.

So much more can happen and these are only the original stages of tantric experiences.

These experiences can easily start appearing in the first 3 months of your practices.

Of course, you need to combine tantric sex with active energizing of the body.

The best is to do some yoga or exercise in nature and eat very light and super healthy. This will speed up these tantric opening and harmonize your body.

Sexual tantric energy is like raw fire. You need to train that fire and help it find its purpose in your being.