December 16, 2009

Why go there in the first place - ARTICLE

Sex is an infinite source of energy in you.

If the way you use your sexual energy is unfulfilling for you or those around you, it is essential to do something about it.

This is a path of life mastery.

The goal is to master the tools that were given to you.

If your sexual energy feels like a snake you can’t tame or partner with, then obviously something is missing.

If you let it go and simply forget about it, I am sure you might still lead a very happy life.

Now, somewhere down the line, your mind might be triggered by the desire to know more about your sexual life force.

This is the moment it might be helpful you to have some basic system to support you in take some steps.

I am convinced that if you take the time, you might rediscover such a system.

It will simply take you longer.

This e-book is a shortcut.

It offers you some ideas that you might recognize as already awaken in you.

It might simply be a confirmation of what you already know and help you take your next step along your sexual development line.

Gaining some form of understanding of your sexual energy is very rewarding.

Being able to use this sexual energy to multiply the awareness, inner power and satisfaction you get from being alive is even more thrilling.

Imagine having this river flowing through your property and realizing that you can turn this streaming water into a source of infinite and empowering energy.

This is exactly what sex tantra is about.

Your sexual energy is this river you can learn to tame and use.

Once you do, your whole perspective on life might be immensely expanded.