December 16, 2009

Tantric temple - ARTICLE

Imagine an inner reality which contains all the tantric sex teachings and practices.

The goal is very simple:

When you start developing this tantric line in your life, no need to retreat to some tropical getaway to experience tantra.

You want to manifest the tantric temple in your own house, wherever you live.

The tantric essence is not some distant reality you can exceptionally connect with.

It is part of your daily essence.

It is part of your daily thoughts, feelings, impressions or desires.

It is with you all the time.

This means that you are the tantric temple.

Your being and your life are divine essences and all you have to do to manifest this reality is give it more space in your life.

You do that through your actions, choices and thoughts.

You do that in the way you design your personal space, through the connections you have with people or the way you interact with them.

Tantric sex is only a small fraction of the energy exchanges you can have in your life.

Sex is the perfect area to experiment with this but you quickly realize that what you discover through tantric sex is something you apply all day long.

You feel more sensually awake, enjoying natural daily pleasures.

You feel more deeply connected with those around you.

You discover a new dimension of joy no matter what you engage into.

Your level of awareness increases naturally.

You are clearer about what you want from your life.

And so much more of course.

You discover a new inner sense of freedom and space.

Your life is more blissful.

You feel wonderful when you spend time in nature.

Your senses are awake.

Do you want me to go on?

Tantra is a very vast field and the tantric sex doorway gives you access to an energy connection which expands to all aspects of your life.