December 16, 2009

What is nature tantra? - ARTICLE

The moment you connect with nature, you can call this nature tantra.

If you go to nature and feel this harmonizing force waking up in you, it is the sign that energy is flowing between you and nature around you.

This can happen with trees and flowers, with the sea, with mountains…

With anything!

It happens all the time!

It happens whether you are aware of it or not.

Your body is never isolated.

On an etheric or energy level you exchange energy with your environment all the time.

The moment you are in nature, you feel a certain type of energy exchange.

Now, you can consciously activate this energy exchange.

Suppose you go for a walk on the beach.

You can walk with your hands in your pockets, lost in deep thoughts or you can stop, look at the sea, breathe deeply, make some movements, take off your clothes and jump in the water.

Of course when you take all these activation steps, something “more” will happen because you will activate your link with the elements around you.

The four walls of your house act as a protection but as well as an isolating force.

The moment you step out of this protection, you start dynamically exchanging with nature around you.

You have plenty of ways of activating this exchange of life force.

As this is not really the topic of this e-book, we won’t go into it.

Remember that there is more than simply the traditional sexual exchange between human beings.

Exchange of life force with nature around you offers a whole avenue of development as well.

It might even be much easier to start with that one if you don’t know where to begin.