December 16, 2009

Does energy exchange only happen between men and women? - ARTICLE

Of course not.

You do exchange energy with every single living form on this planet and the universe.

When you touch a tree, there is an instant harmonizing connection established.

This happens on an etheric level or energy level.

We are just starting to understand and unveil the dynamics of these energy exchanges.

For those of you who read or saw the Celestine prophecy, this is the type of energy exchange we talk about.

You can call it universal sex if you want.

Sex simply involves a specific type of energy exchange.

If you are straight, you’ll feel this with the opposite sex.

If you are gay, you’ll tend to establish this connection with the same sex.

See the world in and around you as a vast and complex network of energy exchanges.

When we talk about tantric sex, we focus on one specific type of energy exchange.