December 16, 2009

What is city tantra? - ARTICLE

What if you are in city?

Well, the same type of energy exchange applies.

This time you function within what we could call a civilized environment.

You exchange energy with people, places, tools or activities.

For instance, if you go for a drink in a café, you will establish a very specific set of energy exchange with this specific environment.

You might have this very nice feeling of happiness and fun just by being there.

You’ll chat, laugh, taste a delicious cocktail and spent the rest of the night dancing or singing.

Now, you might feel great in that context.

Someone else might not like it at all.

They might feel awkward and out of place.

There are hundreds of ways of relating to a specific environment.

Again, you can see what happens in this café as a vast network of energy exchange.

You’ll feel really good if energy does flow.

You’ll feel bad if you can’t connect or don’t know how to.

Now, expand this idea or concept to anything you do in a city: business, shopping, social life, gym, etc.

If you feel good, it usually means that you do “master” that environment to a certain point.

You know how to “activate it”.

This is what I call “city tantra”: it is this vast network of activities and energy exchanges you can consciously practice and wake up in a civilized environment.

I call it tantra but could call it anything else of course.

This is just a word which reminds me of the energy exchange aspect.