December 16, 2009

Unveiling the secret - ARTICLE

As soon as this ecstatic joy is unleashed in you, you want to understand how you got there in the first place.

Bliss can be a sudden gift coming out of nowhere.

Now, sometimes, bliss and joy are consciously generated in you.

They wake up in a very clear way and gain space in your whole being.

Tantric sex is the art of manifesting this inner state at will.

When you break through and find yourself in this blissful fiery space, you want to do a few things.

First, you want to protect this experience.

Let’s say that you have a fire burning. If you throw water on it, you will extinguish it of course.

With tantric fire, the same can happen: you can engage into activities which will kill that fire.

You can end up in certain situations which will suppress your joy.

You can take inappropriate action and betray the spirit of joy you did build up.

Imagine tantric bliss as an infinite resource of energy.

It is a form of power.

You can for instance use that power in a negative way.

You can engage into self destructive activities.

You can forget to feed that fire.

There are many ways you can loose what you just gained.

Therefore you need to know the dynamics to keep that fire alive and be able to stimulate it whenever you want.

The first awakening often seems like a coincidence.

You might still not fully know how to give space to that experience and enhance the state of bliss you just found.

The next stage is really to master that energy and use it to create something even bigger or better.

It is a path.

The resources of bliss and joy you just found are a source of energy you can invest in all sorts of activities.

You can multiply their power and impact by aligning your actions with something vaster than yourself.

This stream of fire that just opened in you is part of a larger stream of fire.

You are one line of energy amongst a much vaster field of life force.

This fire is a flame belonging to a much vaster stream of fire.

Altogether, all these individual flames represent the global stream of bliss and joy on this planet.

If you don’t want to call it tantra, you can call it something else.

You can call it joy, bliss or whatever suits you.

Now, when you are part of this stream, you access as well a subtle energy connection with these other flames and the overall stream.

To a certain extent, you learn to manipulate the fire to create what needs to be created.

This is why qualities like love, respect or synergy are essential when you reach that level.

Your actions need to be aligned with what is best for the planet’s and humankind’s long term evolution.

This attunement with a vast plan of evolution represents the magical synchronization which allows you to maintain and use this blissful fire on the long term.

This fire is a substance. It is an energy form.

It is a spirit which connects you with the world around you.

The first step was to find this energy and maintain it in your being.

The second step is to master that fire and perceive its natural shape, direction and focus.