December 16, 2009

Intelligent fire - ARTICLE

This is the next step.

Imagine that this tantric fire is not just an inert substance.

Imagine for a second that this fire is actually an intelligent force which has a plan and a natural purpose.

This means that you can intelligently communicate with this fire and merge with it in a synergic way.

You are not alone in that.

This fire is here to sponsor your actions and life.

It is here to offer you support and empower your actions.

It exists to nurture your being and manifest joy in all levels of your life.

When this fire wakes up with you, your potential is multiplied.

The next stage in your evolution is to fully attune and synchronize yourself with that energy.

If you resist this force or go against it via incoherent actions, of course, you will tend to dissipate the fire and will need to build it up again.

Now, if you encourage its flow through synchronized action, attitudes and mind sets, you give that fire an extra boost and it keeps on growing exponentially.

This is the true magic of tantra.

Sex is just one of the vehicles you can use to access and multiply that fire in you.

Imagine that sex is a seed of fire.

You can feed it until it grows and fills your whole being.

Once this happens, you are ready for your next octave which is the mastery of this fire in your being.

This mastery is an alignment of your being into that fire.

It is a synergic merge between you and this fiery intelligence.

There are many forms of intelligences on this planet.

The human type of intelligence with thought forms, ideas, emotion and actions is only a small fraction of what actually exists.

In the realm of spirits or angels, we enter into a vast new reality that humans still can’t fully comprehend.

Imagine an angel which is not in a human like form.

Imagine this being or spiritual being as a vast network of energies, connecting millions of human beings on this planet.

This “entity” is naturally and instinctively connected with the vaster flow of evolution on this planet.

It is naturally synchronized with other forces of creation and responds in an organic like way to impulsions and cosmic directions.

We are part of it and it is part of us.

You can actually see anything happening on this planet as the expression of a vast spiritual intelligence.

You can have for instance the spirit of a country or a city. The spirit of a family.

You can have the spirit of love or the spirit of competition.

All these “spirits” can be seen as angelic forces which “supervise” and support any form of activity on this planet.

You can see that when we describe existence in that way, we truly enter into a sphere which goes far beyond tantra.

If you can’t relate to this model or concept, no problem.

Simply find another model or ways of describing this which suits you.

Maybe the idea of an invisible intelligence disturbs you.

It’s no problem, discard the concept and find another concept which fits better what you feel.

On the other hand, if you feel that you just touched on something essential, dive into it and imagine that the spirit of tantra is actually alive, intelligent and connecting in us all the time.

This means that we are part of a sea of fire and that we are all linked through this universal intelligent fire.