December 16, 2009

Streams of joy - ARTICLE

There is a moment when you realize that what you reach via tantric sex is a state of mind, energy and flow of fire that can be maintained and expressed in any life context.

Once this energy is established in your being, it flows in you all the time and gives you this emotional base of joy, bliss, delight and pleasure.

On that level, these emotions have not much to do with the original idea of sex.

You still perceive energy flow and exchange but it happens on a different octave.

When you experience this, you realize that the whole idea of sex has been transposed or transcended.

Desire is fulfilled and you reach this place where there is only joy and excitement in your being.

It is a well established fire which flows in you and energizes every aspect of your life.

It vitalizes you and connects you as well more excitingly to others.

When you reach that point, the traditional sexual needs might still be there but you feel this new energy fully grounded in your system.

Joy is now part of your life’s substance.

It stays there streaming.

This is the kind of emotion you might feel when you are in love and have a great sexual experience with someone.

Remember this feeling staying with you all day as if a new stream of energy had been liberated in you.

This sense of inner freedom is the special bliss accompanying the tantric opening in you.