December 16, 2009

Tantric sex – Is it just a test? - ARTICLE

If you came across the idea of tantric sex before, you might have read that sex and desire are just tests.

You might have heard that in fact, the goal is to transcend desire and be able to move beyond it.

In that sense the sculptures of Khajuraho would be the external expression of your sex drive and once you enter the tantric temple, all desires become still and you enter into peace and total bliss.

Is this true?

In my experience, desire is not a force to be suppressed.

It is a force to be tamed and mastered.

Imagine again the waves of the sea.

You can fear them and stay away from them or you can surf them and master the immense energy they convey.

Desire, pleasure and sex are powerful energies which can take you to total bliss.

They are like an elevator force which offers you a shortcut to the most incredible mystical experiences.

These forces where given to you by nature.

They are divine in essence like any other aspect of your life.

Rather than taking the “suppression” path which is suggested by many spiritual traditions, you can embrace desire and all dimensions of your emotions and use this force as a catalyst for what you are looking for.

Tantra is a fire and like with any fire, you need to develop the skills to master it and tame it.

Yes! In a way, it is a test.

The test is not to suppress your desires, rather use them.

Once you dive into these various dimensions of pleasure and delight, you gently dive into this inner core of stillness where even desire disappears.

It is like being in the eye of the hurricane in which absolute bliss is manifested.

Tantric sex is much more than a test: it is a vehicle.

It has the power to add a new dimension to your existence which radically shifts the way you stand in life.