December 16, 2009

The central core of the tantric temple - ARTICLE

Imagine that around this temple you have gardens and other smaller buildings.

Imagine that once you enter the temple, you touch on a new dimension which establishes bliss as your key state of being.

In the core of the tantric temple, you find this total sense of union with everything which lives on this planet.

This is why tantric sex is a gateway or a vehicle.

Once you establish yourself firmly in that core, you discover a whole new set of life potentials.

You perceive your life from a new fresh and empowered perspective.

The key quality is clarity, awareness and peace.

It really feels like being home at last.

Now, this is an experience or a space you want to protect.

With the experience of bliss itself, you access as well new fire skills which give you the power to protect what you just discovered.

Have you ever had a mystical experience and felt very vulnerable afterwards?

This is why in the core of this inner experience you will discover as well new resources of power which give you all the skills you need to protect this “access” path in you.

This essence in you is very precious.

Wake up all the skills you need to “secure” and protect that experience in you.

No one will ever take it away from you.

Once you experience it, it is yours forever.