December 16, 2009

Tantric autonomy - ARTICLE

The goal is to be able to manifest the full tantric experience any time.

It is to master this energy and know how to express it, activate it, share it and use it.

These are skills which belong to individuals first, not couples.

Of course couples can master these arts if they both master them individually.

However, we are looking at individuals connecting first with themselves.

This is the context in which you can approach tantra.

You want to own all the tools you need to express tantra fully.

Now, we talked about sex.

We talked about energy exchange.

We talked about cosmic evolution.

You can access many avenues of tantric expression.

Sex might be just one of them.

Sex is part of a much vaster energy stream which contains all forms of energy exchange.

If you isolate the tantric sex experience and focus on that one only, you might miss the full spectrum of your mystical dimension.

Tantra does not depend on someone else.

Tantra is a stream you own yourself no matter what happens around you.

The goal is to master that stream and fully own it.

Once you take that step, you are then free to share it with whoever or whatever you want.

The ultimate goal is tantric autonomy.

This means that you own all the tantric tools and don’t depend on external factors to manifest that stream.