August 2, 2009

Sex as spiritual practice??? - ARTICLE

This is probably one of the key challenging concepts you might face if you are not into tantric sex.

If the idea of using your sexual energy as a tool to self realization doesn't resonate with you, simple... Don't engage that way.

Find another spiritual approach that suits you best.

Now, for those who feel the sacredness of the sexual energy and its expression through love, here are a few more essential hints.

Without sex, there would be no human life.

Sex is the act that creates life.

So, sex is as pure and sacred as you want it to be.

Any time, you engage in a spiritual practice, you use one or another type of energy and action.

For instance when you use singing, you turn breathing into sound and beauty.

When you practice a yoga posture, your use your body.

When you take compationate action, you use your hands to help those who need it.

If you create devotional rituals, it will be a combination of symbolical acts and speech.

In fact any action or energy can be used within a spiritual context.

Yes, abolutely! Sexual exchange is an act that can open spiritual windows in your life.

Now, if you like tantric sex but don't want to put it within a spiritual context, you can of course purely focus on the pleasure or therapeutic impact it has.

This is really up to you.

The key idea to remember if you are open for it, is that sex can indeed be a tool for your spiritual evolution.


To your Tantra!