December 16, 2009

How does your tantric fire expand? - ARTICLE

The goal of the tantric fire is to bring a refreshing stream of energy in your life.

Imagine your mind as a vast network of connections, thoughts, memories and emotions.

This network expands in time and space. It expands in the past present and future.

It connects you with other persons, lines of actions and places.

Once this tantric fire takes root in your being and starts expanding it will meet old energy patterns like undigested emotions, old mind sets or old attitudes you no longer need.

This fire is a clearing fire and will simply destroy and clear what you no longer need.

You need to realize again that this is an intelligent life force which is in tune with a long term evolution plan for yourself, humankind and the planet.

This intelligent fire has the power to recognize old patterns which will never be needed again.

This clearing process activates what you can call your renewal power.

This power is your ability to change and evolve.

It allows you to let go of what you no longer need and create space for your future.

When your mind space is saturated, you stop moving and evolving.

To create freshly in the here and now, you need a certain amount of mind space or mind freedom.

If all space and energy you have is already used to sustain what already exists, you have no energy or space left to create something new.

This is why the role of this type of clarifying fire is so essential.

All this happens by itself of course.

It is not like you need to consciously do it yourself.

Most of these evolutionary processes simply happen by themselves without anyone ever noticing them.

Take a moment to think about what a human mind was like 100 years ago.

Now, imagine what it has become in terms of potential, content and activity.

This type of fire is what allows this transition and evolution to happen.

Without this renewal power, you would be simply stacked within a crystallized set of inner patterns which would stop you from evolving further.

Sometimes, when this fire wakes up and brings change in your life, you might resist it or try to keep it away from you. This happens especially if you don’t understand the role of this fire.

This means that because of fear or doubts, you will simply resist evolution from taking place and by doing so, create tension and inner conflict.

Have you ever seen yourself resisting change at a given moment in your life to realize a few months later that this change was the best thing that could happen to you?

This change can touch any aspect of your life, like profession, relationship or the place where you live.

It can be more specifically directed to your mind and inspire you to shift key thoughts, emotions or attitudes.

When this transformation process is happening, you might not know where these steps are taking you and still, you feel you need to trust that something knows what comes next.

When you gain awareness, you quickly recognize these transformation forces and partner with them.

Instead of resisting them, you make space for transformation to happen.

You go with the flow and truly master this transformation process through clear awareness and conscious action.

This is where you can have an essential impact.

When you understand and clearly see how transformation happens, you are always one step ahead, recognizing this renewal fire waking up. You have a wise perception of the new future potentials and set up structures to welcome these new steps.

All this is a very magical transformation process and as I said earlier, it happens in your life all the time.

This transformation is instinctual in nature.

Now, back to the tantric fire.

This fire calls for renewal.

This means that it will sometimes stop in some area of your mind or attitudes and dissolve some old patterns simply to create new space.

You will see yourself thinking about some past event or going through a specific emotion.

You might think: “Why am I feeling that right now?”

It is simple: it happens because when this fire targets these old mind sets, it wakes them up before dissolving them.

It is a bit like digging in the ground of your memories and unveiling old structures.

After that, the tantric fire goes through and dissolves or burns these outdated mind frames.

The process is immensely thrilling and does feel like a clearing bone fire, especially when you are aware of it.

The result is increased emotional freedom, feeling of space and a feeling of clarification overall.