December 16, 2009

The inner school of tantric sex - ARTICLE

Imagine an inner school or system that you can intuitively access.

Imagine that through your meditation, you can envision exactly what tantric sex is about without ever reading about it.

Imagine that the tantric sex system is sponsored by a powerful and intelligent force which empowers your actions.

This inner school of tantric sex is an inner reality you can tune into.

Many books have never been written.

Many mantras have never been spoken.

Many techniques have never been transmitted.

They stay invisibly suspended in the inner worlds.

By accessing this inner school, you can tune into that reality.

Every time you have an idea or a vision of something you want to do, where do you feel this idea comes from?

Was it initiated right there in your mind out of nowhere or is it the result of an interaction between your mind and a specific profound spiritual reality?

There are many “inner systems” or “inner teachings” which are never transcribed or transmitted in the form of a manifested message.

The inner school of tantric sex is simply one of these streams.