December 16, 2009

Key strategies to stimulate your life force - ARTICLE

Life force is an essential aspect of your being.

There are many ways you can activate it:

  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising
  • Focusing on exciting targets in your life
  • Activating your social life
  • Caring for nature
  • Being creative
  • Loving your children
  • Sex
  • And so much more

Sex is one avenue.

If you had great sex in the past, you know how this gives you an energy boost.

You feel happy, fulfilled and immensely energized.

Your life force is a substance you can learn to master.

Tantric sex is one amongst many lines of activity which can activate your life power.

Any of the streams or activities we mentioned above have the potential to be a mystical or spiritual experience.

Tantric sex is simply one of them.