December 16, 2009

Energy orgasms - ARTICLE

For men, energy orgasms or full body orgasms are powerful explosions of energy without the loss of semen.

For women, they are deeper orgasmic experiences which touch deeper layers of the body.

Because of their depth, energy orgasms can be much more fulfilling than traditional orgasms.

They are especially important for men because they allow them to have an orgasmic experience without the loss semen and therefore without much loss of energy either.

There will still be an energy dip after the orgasm but this dip will be much smaller than if the man had ejaculated.

When you practice tantric sex, energy orgasms are a good first stage to head for.

They allow you to train your tantric skills and build up your sexual energy without fully containing it.

It is essential to realize though that it’s only an intermediary stage.

After a while, you will notice that even energy orgasms are no longer needed.

You can reach much higher states of maintained pleasure by fully and totally holding your energy.