December 16, 2009

Solo tantric sex - Path of self pleasure - ARTICLE

Big taboo!

The path of self pleasure means that you discover tantric sex without a physical partner being present.

This offers you a space to train your tantric skills, experience your limits and understand how pleasure manifests in your body.

Because you are by yourself, it offers you the perfect setting to explore an aspect of your sexuality in depth.

We talked earlier about mystical experiences arising as a result of tantric sex activity, right?

In a way, you can achieve the same type of results through solo tantric sex.

You can wake up your sexual energy to the point of feeling it opening your heart area and the other upper chakras.

Even with solo tantric sex, you are never alone.

The tantric energy which sponsors your experiences is still there of course.

See it an intelligent angelic or spiritual force activating these energies in you.

The world of your fantasies is there as well of course.

In esoteric terms, this world of fantasies is the astral reality. It is the world of emotions, dreams and desires.

You can meet people on the astral. You can actually have sex on the astral.

You can feel a person’s presence without this person ever being there physically.

In a way, this solo tantric sex exploration gives you lots of space and freedom.

You notice that when you have tantric sex with a partner, you need to sometimes process emotions, digest, be careful with what you say or do.

This can be quite demanding in some cases.

Solo tantric sex has the advantage of giving you space and freedom; which are very essential qualities to explore the tantric sex path.

Another way of using solo tantric sex is simply as a form of training.

Suppose that you are a man and you want to train your lingam in order to preserve your energy.

When you are with a girl, you might get too excited to actually dive into training that skill.

Solo tantric sex will give you the ideal setting to explore this avenue without risk.