December 16, 2009

Eroticism - ARTICLE

Eroticism can intimately be associated with tantric sex.

When you observe the sculptures of Khajuraho, you see a powerful erotic expression.

This is an artistic expression.

It is the manifestation of sexual beauty and can be immensely stimulating for tantric sex.

Suppose for instance that you are a women and you wear refined tantric jewelry or refined silk scarves or a turban while perfuming yourself with mysterious oils, you will of course enhance the sensual pleasure you and your partner get from tantric sex.

You can touch all of his sense and be a master in waking them up.

Natural fire light and incenses, a touch mystery, expression of beauty and exotic tastes are all elements which wake up the tantric sensual experience.


Imagine that you are creating a living piece of art.

Imagine that your tantric sexual union is a mystical dance in which you can express all dimension of your beauty.

Pleasure for all the senses!