July 25, 2009

Yoni massage - Clitoris stimulation - Advanced technique - FOR MEN - ARTICLE

This is another core advanced technique especially for guys (or women if you and your tantric sex partner are both females).

Women will often be purely clitoridian.

This means that they orgasm mainly through clitoris stimulation.

You can stimulate the clitoris with your finger or hand. You can use your tongue and lips.

You can as well of course stimulate her clitoris through intercourse.

Now, when you have intercourse and want to increase stimulation on her clitoris, you do that by pressing your pubic bone against hers a bit stronger.

You don’t focus on the ebb and flow of your penetration but rather increase the pressure between your two pubic bones.

This by itself stimulates her clitoris.

This is what often makes a woman come.

Try it! You will be amazed if you never observed that simple trick.

While you press your pubic bone against hers, you can engage either in circular movements or in and out movements.

Both types of moves will massage her clitoris while stimulating her internally as well.

Now, many women prefer vaginal stimulation.

In other terms, they prefer the feeling of penetration and get aroused by the stimulation of their G-spot.

The best way to find out what she likes is to ask.

“If you have the choice between a wet finger stroking your clitoris, my tongue and penetration, which one do you prefer?”

Yes! You can engage in sexual communication and find out what she would do if she was by herself.

Next point: stroking her clitoris!

There is a hood or skin covering her clitoris.

For best results, you can pull back that skin with your thumb and stroke her clitoris with your index finger.

You see this tiny rose mount which is like a tiny wet seed.

The clitoris has thousand of nerve endings. This is why it is so sensitive to stroking.

While stroking, you can keep the finger flat on the clitoris and stroke with the full finger’s length.

You can as well touch the clitoris with the top of your finger only and stroke her up and down.

It’s essential as well to offer the exact right amount of pressure.

Start with extreme gentleness! As if you were touching a feather.

While you stroke, ask her if she enjoys more pressure or simply try a tiny bit more yourself and see how she responds.

When you experiment with this clitoris massage practice, you might be surprised to realize how much pressure some women can take.

If you can, get her to be totally physically still so that you can concentrate on her without losing contact with her clitoris.

Many women say that they simply prefer the gentle touch of a wet finger on their clitoris.

That’s what makes them come the fastest.

Take your time by the way. This is not a race or a competition.

Compliment her on the beauty of the texture of her inner and outer lips.

Let her know that you enjoy what you see.

If she orgasms, her clitoris can become extremely sensitive and she might reject your touch.

No worries, this extreme sensitivity moment usually lasts only for a minute and if she is open for it, you can head for a multiple orgasm session.

How much clitoris or vaginal stimulation she needs is different for every woman.

Ask her and explore it together. Listen to what she says and be open to change what you had in mind.

Listen! She will give you essential clues about what she likes or not.

Rather than a finger, you can of course use your tongue for clitoris stimulation.

Try different moves and see what she responds to the best.

Play with different pressures, your lips, various angles.

You can for instance use your full flat tongue on her vaginal and clitoris area.

You can as well play only with the tip of your tongue and focus more exclusively on her clitoris.

Again, use a finger to slide the hood that covers her clitoris, so that the tip of your tongue really is in direct contact with her clitoris.

Another technique is to slightly bite the clit area between your lips.

Be careful not to touch her with your teeth though! Use ONLY your lips.

Now, Go and explore!

Practice! This is what makes you good at it.

Clitoris stimulation represents only one aspect of yoni massage.

In another post I will cover other aspects of yoni massage, G-spot simulation and other massage techniques for the Yoni.

In this article I talk about the woman having orgasms but in so many of the tantric sex practices it is actually more productive not to bring her all the way to orgasm.

In another article, I will cover this question about orgasm or not for women while engaging in tantric sex.

To your Tantra!