September 4, 2007

Why it is essential to remove old useless taboos - ARTICLE

Most fears or taboos you have in your mind are the result of past conditioning.

When you check it out, you often can't even trace why something is taboo.

A taboo is a moral limit.

Some of these taboos or moral boundaries are still needed to protect society.

These boundaries can sometimes be helpful.

Now, in what concerns tantric sex, when you start exploring, most taboos are useless. It is like putting a fence in your mind and limiting your sexual expression without reason.

Sexual liberation means exactly that: removing what you no longer need.

Think of it:
  • Why would sex be a shame or taboo?
  • Why is it offensive to see a woman's breast on TV?
  • Why would it be taboo to talk about your sexual experiences with some friends?
  • Why is it taboo to be naked on the beach?
  • Why would it be taboo to see a couple having intercourse?
  • Etc.
Does it hurt you morally? Why?

How would you feel if this moral limit was no longer there?

Would you feel more free? Would it liberate you on a certain level?

My role here is certainly not to tell you what is right or wrong. You need to choose for yourself.

If you notice taboos, shame or guilt areas in the way you express your sexuality, simply ask yourself:

Do I need this taboo in my mind or is it time for it to go?

If you notice that you no longer need it and would feel more free without it, take action as if the taboo was no longer there. Consciously cross the limit and see how it feels.

Our lives are experiments! :)

Aim for sexual mastery :)

To your tantric power!