September 4, 2007

Smile and establish eye contact with as many people as you can when walking through a busy street - TIP

Here is another simple way to establish a tantric/energy connection with others.

Simply establish eye contact and smile to as many people as you can. Try it out! You will see what happens.

The best is to practice it frequently for short periods of time (5-10 min). It takes a few weeks of practice to really master this technique and be able to do it naturally. In the beginning it takes some focus but the connections can be amazing!

This is not exactly tantric sex but the energy exchange process is very similar. You can connect very deep with someone you just saw for a couple seconds just by looking straight into their eyes.

Don't get attached to your experience.

The intention is free love!

This is like the "free hugs" experiment.

It really works at generating energy exchange between total strangers.

The result? Only one way to find out: try it!