September 4, 2007

Sensual massage oils - Olive oil - Body milk - Yoghurt - Clay - TIP

These are all substances you can use to enhance pleasure and explore new sensations:

  • Sensual massage oils

There is a good brand in the "body shop". You can as well find them in most new age shops. Get a bottle and cover your chest with it before you robb your bodies against each other. If you are a woman, use this oil as well to massage your partner's lingam. It definitely increases his pleasure and gives you a whole new avenue to stimulate his sexual power.

  • Olive oil

Use in a moderate way. Try it first to see if you like the smell and feeling.

  • Body milk

An excellent way to care for each other's bodies. Massage the breasts or chest, belly back legs, inner leg, feet. You can as well cover your whole body with it and go into embrace and even intercourse while rubbing your bodies against each other.

  • Yogurt

You can use it in small quantities, poor it on a woman's breast to leak. You can as well poor some on a man's lingam to leak as well. If you are up to it, take a liter of liquid yogurt and shower with it while massaging each other's body. It's refreshing and very purifying.

  • Clay

Another amazing substance. You can buy a package of clay for internal or external use. You can use as well art clay with lots of water. If you are lucky, you can as well find clay in nature for instance on a river bed and cover your body with it while naked in nature.

All these substances have the power to ad a new dimension to your tantric sensual experience. Dare to explore, play with them and don't forget to let me know if you find a new one I did not mention yet, ok? :)