September 7, 2007

Connect! - ARTICLE


This is one of the most direct expression of tantric sex.

In fact there is no sexual expression in it anymore. It is a pure energy connection between you and someone else.

This happens when your life force is awake and flowing.

When you meet someone, there is always a potential exchange of life force, joy and energy.

It happens when you don't hide yourself or don't fear.

When you hold back your energy, it stays unfulfilled.

When you unleash, you connect without pressure or effort.

You notice that energy exchange is the core of that connection.

The key is to unleash and go deeper than the day to day level of communication.

You remove fears or walls and stand "naked" on an energy level.

Of course, your personality is still there. Your desires are still there.

What changes is that there is an extra octave of energy participating in your being and in that exchange.

When this happens you unleash a whole new set of life potentials in the way you relate to others.

Now, your tantric power is an energy you need to master.

When you master it, you generate it, exchange it or direct it at will.

It stays in your being flowing without major effort because it has become your natural state.

Your inner channels are clear and open.

No unigested emotional blocks!

It flows!

You are in harmony with yourself and the planet.

You connect with others in a way which is super effective.

The result is a high level of joy and energy in everything you do.

Magical! Empowering for you and for all those you meet!

More on this coming soon :)

To your tantric power!