September 7, 2007

Want to play? - ARTICLE

Want to play?

Entering the "tantric field" can be very challenging for many.


Because it unleashes life force in your system.

It is like jumping in a fresh mountain stream and being cleared with new energy.

Yes! Extra life force can be disturbing when you are not used to it.

It can create slight discomfort because it really changes your mind and emotions.

Opening a clear channel of energy between you and someone else means that you get very close to each other.

You see each other without veils.

You need to increase your level of trust and feel strong even though you are totally open.

When you are that open, you might feel vulnerable.

The trick is to be open without losing your power.

That's the challenge!

You can connect on a very intimate level with someone (I don't necessarily mean physical intimacy) without having to feel vulnerable.

Makes sense, right?

To your tantric power!