August 18, 2007

When the sexual energy conquers your whole being - ARTICLE

When the sexual energy conquers your whole being, your level of delight and internal joy immensely expands.

There is no limit to it.

You can feel it first in waves of sensual love and connection with the planet, people and especially your tantric sex partner.

This corresponds with the opening of the heart chakra.

This natural activation happens because your sexual energy expands from the sex chakra into other parts of your energy body.

You can see it as a rising of energy.

Together with this opening of the heart chakra, you can as well go through flows of realizations.

You see the dynamics of life clearly.

You perceive the forces at play in you and in others.

This sudden understanding of life's dynamics is connected with the opening of the third eye chakra.

Third eye stands for inner vision, right?

This is exactly what you reach. You see beyond the veil of physical existence.

You see the forces at play behind that veil.

As you can see, tantric sex might be very different than what you imagined.

Or maybe it is exactly what you imagined :)

What I can tell you for sure is that when this process of internal clarification happens, it goes beyond your wildest expectations.

The sense of unity is so overwhelming that it sets you up on a total new life course.

Sexual energy is simply one of the forces you can use on your spiritual path.

It is one of the techniques. It is one of the approaches.

Because sexual energy is such an intense fire force, the impact it has on your body and mind when expanding is extremely powerful.

Focus on it. You will be amzed of what happens when you do!

To your tantric power!