August 18, 2007

Focus on foreplay for 3 months - ARTICLE

When you just met someone, this is what it takes to get familiar with each other's body.

Don't rush into having intercourse.

Instead, focus on play!

Explore physical sensations and let the tantric tension build up until the simplest of your partner's touch wakes up waves of sensual delight.

Imagine how it feels to have all your senses open and awake.

The force waking up these senses and making them super alert is your sexual energy.

If you have intercourse or orgasm before you reach this point of tantric build up, you simply release the flow of energy before it expands in your whole body.

Make it flow and expand in your being by taking time to nurture it with freshness and openess.

Yes! You can stay in these foreplay stages for very long.

More on this coming soon :)

To your infinte joy and delight!