August 19, 2007

A stream of ecstatic sensual bliss just by being in each other's presence - ARTICLE

When your tantric power is awake, that's exactly how it works!

Sensuality streams out of your being and wakes up the same type of sensation in those who are in contact with you.

If you engaged in waking up your tantric energy with your partner, you will feel the tantric aura of desire, sensuality and pleasure all over you for days.

It does not go away! It stays!

It activates your senses and offers you this flow of magical bliss!

This internal feeling simply does not go away for days at a time.

A look or touch from your partner radiates through your whole being.

These waves of fire are pure delight and overpower any other sensual experience.

You feel complete and fulfilled!

You might be longing for more but it is a desire you master and play with.

You can let it go or activate it at will whenever you feel enclined to.

To your tantric power and ecstatic inner beauty!