August 19, 2007

Waves of sensual fire! - ARTICLE

Pleasure is such a thrilling sensation in your being.

Pleasure is only the visible part of a much vaster happening in your being.

Pleasure means that life force streams in you.

It is that simple!

Pleasure is only a wave your mind perceives on the surface.

The real deeper experience is a flow of energy, an opening of life force, a clearing of old emotions and patterns, a new connection established with a reality which is much vaster than yourself.

Don't loose touch with reality!

You are still physically awake on this planet, able to do whatever you are supposed to and at the same time, experience this fire with your whole being.

You master the tantric energy when you know you have some form of control over what happens in you.

You can stimulate the flow of tantric fire at will, direct it or stop it if your want to.

This is the moment you reach a total state of synergy with that force.

Tantric fire is instinctual and your role as a human being is to tame that fire and play with this force.

Taming is very different than controlling.

You can tame this force without limiting its freedom!

More on this coming soon!

To your tantric power!