August 18, 2007

Can you generate tantric energy if your sex partner does not practice that path? - ARTICLE

Of course you can.

However the impact might be lower than if you are both engaged in it.

When you meet or exchange energy, you end up creating a unified field of energy which is the result of your two inputs.

It is like having a chat with someone. The energy of your conversation will be reflection of what you both put into it.

If your partner engages into sex with a very different idea than yours, you will end up creating something which is more a mixture of sexual attitudes than a pure tantric line.

That's ok of course!

Why? Because sex in itself has already a great potential.

When you practice tantric sex, you simply ad a new dimension to this natural potential.

Now, imagine that you go sailing with someone who has no clue about it.

How does that feel? You probably end up doing most of the moves, right?

With Tantra, it is the same. It is obviously more fun if you both know how to play.

If your partner is not into tantra at all, there is something you can do though:

Multiply your level of tantric power and overpower their energy.

If you are really good at it, you can guide them in a subtle way.

They will let you take the lead if they can feel you are extremely skilled at what you do.

You need to be directive and gentle at the same time.

It is not control. It is more like mastering and taming the sexual power in both of you.

This could be an entrance door. If your partner feels the impact of your tantric approach, they will want to know more about it and give you space to educate them.

Your tantric skills and tantric power need to be solid though.

Enjoy your Tantric play! Dive into it! It is absolutely worth it!