August 17, 2007

How to establish a tantric connection with someone you are attracted to - ARTICLE

Well, the first step is definitely to make sure you own that energy yourself.

What does it mean?

That you know how to generate, delight, beauty or pleasure any time in your existence if you want to.

See tantric sex energy as a flow of fire you can master and play with.

So, the training is first with yourself alone.

You need at least a few techniques to freely connect with and master that energy.

Sometimes, this energy will of course spontaneously wake up in you and you will wonder "why now?".

There is always a reason.

Energies follow their own set of laws and balance of forces.

It does not come out of nowhere.

There is always a cause or a source.

Sometimes, it is simply the right time for you and the waking up of the tantric fire is this sudden break through of energy.

Tantric fire is always in you.

Sometimes, it is visible. Sometimes, it is simply overpowered by other forces at play.

Now, back to the question.

Suppose that you have already a high level of mastery of the tantric sex energy.

You see someone and feel this tantric potential with that person.

You feel waves of desire and sensuality.

What do you do? How do you connect?

It is simple: the person you are attracted to will respond if they are touched by the same energy.

This energy is intelligent.

It is a force at play which has its own agenda.

We, as agents are part of this agenda.


Because we are creators.

It is the role of the energy to instruct us and guide us on how to use that force and play with it.

It is always a trilogy or triangle, never simply the play of two persons.

There is always a third entity or intelligence involved.

You can call this force the tantric sex spirit.

Now, this spirit has its own set of forces and balance.

To create a perfect energetic reaction, you need to find the right posture.

You find this posture on various levels:

  • The right mind set, thoughts and emotions.
  • The right attitude, vision or plan.
  • The right action.

Okay! :)

This is not simply an incoherent action line.

There is a clear plan or vision behind this force.

The goal is to reach a total and absolute state of unity.

Of course, the play of sensuality is like a flirt you have with this force.

It takes you in its arms. It nurtures you and activates the fire channels in your being.

You can have a simple glimpse of that energy or a deep break through after days of sensual play.

Once you feel this potential waking up, it magnetizes you totally.

It is one of the big successes you can achieve in this life time:

A total, overwhelming, clear and energizing mystical union or opening.

A simple touch of this experience changes your life forever.

It frees your total being and repositions you as a free universal spirit rather than just someone trying to cope with society's demands.

The goal is not to escape creation.

It is to ad this quality of fire which does free your being forever.

Sex without this connection can have the same type of effect.

However, in my experience, the sponsorship of this tantric force multiplies the power and extent of a sexual experience.

Keep in mind that right now, we talk about tantric sex, but you can have similar type of experiences without sex being involved.

You can find yourself for instance naked playing in wild ocean waves under the sun and having this incredible feeling of joy. This experience can remove all fears or worries out of your mind and open new doors of total clear awareness.

It is the same type of experience. You simply use another type of action to get there. The energies and experiences can be very similar.

But let's get back to tantric sex.

We now know that there is:

  • A plan.
  • A third entity (besides you and your potential partner) you can call the tantric spirit.
  • A target you can reach.

I'll come back to this topic in another post

To your Tantra!