October 21, 2010

Sex predators - ARTICLE

You have many words to describe the same type of assertive and experienced dating players: predators, players, pick up artists (PUA), cougars.

I am not here to judge, encourage or discourage these behaviors.

Most of the pick up artists I know are really nice guys. They are extremely skilled in making a woman feel fantastic.

I know as well many cougar women over 40 who have a vibrant and loving presence.

The reason why dating a player might be a challenge for you is because your agenda and a player's agenda might be different.

The player will often feed a connection with multiple lovers and might keep you in the dark.

If you are a woman who is looking for a committed serious partner and you meet a player, chances are that you will get sexually attracted to him.

You will see the player's warning signs but often ignore them because you want to believe in your own romantic dream with that man.

Your friends will often warn you and tell you that this specific guy can't be trusted and that you should stay away from him.

Still you might decide to play because you like his fire and he knows exactly how to seduce you.

Both men and women in this pick up art might practice a lot and be really skilled at approaching and seducing you.

Again, I am not here to judge these behaviors.

The pick up skills are a set of behaviors and attitudes that every man and woman should know about.

They are related with the art of creating connection with someone you are attracted to.

It is really that simple.

It is a set of skills!

It is a power!

...And as with any power that has to do with influencing others, you need to know how to use it ethically and respectfully.

So, what does all this have to do with tantric sex?

Well... Of course, you need to know what game you want to play and especially what game your potential tantric sex partner is into.

If someone is really into pick up and you want to develop a profound sensual tantric connection with that person, these two different agendas might enter in conflict.

You are into tantric sex.

Your potential partner is into one night stands.

See the challenge?

You don't need to do something about it.

Simply keep these ideas in mind when engaging in tantric play with someone and find out if your agendas truly match.