December 16, 2009

Why focus on sex - ARTICLE

We decide to focus a lot on sex because this is where harmony needs to be built.

Other tantric practices like rituals or physical postures, mudras, mantras, don’t generate as much controversy as sex.

Why is that?

To tell you the truth, I don’t know.

Maybe because this is an area where the battle of ideas and beliefs is the strongest.

Maybe what we call sexual energy is such a pure nectar that everyone tries to have some form of control over it and decide for others what they must do with it.

It is funny to realize that maybe, sexual ecstasy is so much more precious than money for instance.

The naturally competing human spirit creates some deep conflict around this topic.

Maybe your next door neighbor does not actually want you to find this secret.

Why? Again, because of the competing spirit.

This competition is accepted in the business world.

People compete to get more and more money. The richest is often at the highest power position.

It is a social status thing.

This means that you won’t always help someone earn more because a part of you simply competes with them.

You think: “I want to earn more!”

With sexual energy, the same can happen.

Pleasure generates happiness, love or beauty.

These qualities have nothing to do with money but they are still energies.

People can compete for these energies. They do that all the time.

When you say how happy you are, some people will be glad for you but some others will actually feel left out.

They will think: “How come I don’t have all this happiness in my life and they do?”

You see the dynamics.

This is why the tantric field might generate this type of conflicting emotional reaction: maybe because everyone feels there is some form of very profound secret hidden there.

Many things used to be taboo and we did grow beyond that.

Sex is still somehow slightly on the taboo side.

In the coming centuries, we might grow to a place where all negative or uneasy emotions surrounding this topic will be cleared.

In the mean time, let’s explore this area a bit more.