December 16, 2009

How to preserve your sexual energies - ARTICLE

One of the key tantric sex strategies is to preserve your energies and make them grow.

When you have sex, usually the final goal is to reach an orgasm.

Forget about this picture and imagine what happens if you don’t go for the orgasm.

Imagine that there is no loss of semen for the man and that all the sexual excitement build up stays within.

Now, imagine that you don’t come for months and that every time you have sex, you keep on building energy and increasing your level of inner sexual tension.

As you can imagine, this might lead to some intense energy build up.

The only way to find out what happens is to try and practice it.

Now, this is probably one of the most challenging trainings you can go for in life.

Everything in your instinctual nature encourages you to let go of your semen and have an orgasm.

So, it takes focus and determination to shift this pattern and simply hold back before you reach the “no return” point.

What about women?

As a woman, you can practice the same.

You can simply come to the limit of your orgasm and then, simply keep this potential inside.

In tantric sex, we talk a lot about transmutation of energies.

The sexual energy rises through your chakras and activates them.

It eventually reaches the heart chakra and creates a whole new sexual experience.

What happens?

I guess every one will experience this differently but generally, you will enter into an expansion of the heart area.

This means that your level of love for your partner and anything else in the universe will suddenly grow immensely.

Those who experienced it talk about a profound and transforming mystical experience.

This experience does not stop there.

The rising of sexual energies can expand into the third eye and crown chakra as well and create this immense sense of clarity and understanding.

All these experiences are mystical or spiritual experiences.

You can experience them through meditation or other practices.

In that case, you use sexual union and awakening as the vehicle to manifest these blissful states.

So, you have two directions you can go:

· The first one is to approach sex the traditional way. You have sex. You orgasm or ejaculate. You enter into an after sex state. This means usually that the sexual tension and build up is released.

· The second one is to practice tantric sex and energy build up. You use sexual energy as an inner force which will create a series of mystical experiences in you.

How long does it take to reach a state of inner bliss and fulfillment with your partner?

I would say one to three months of very focused tantric sex practice.

If you are already familiar with these techniques and have been meditating a lot before, these experiences might appear much faster.

Does it mean that you need to have sex 10 hours a day for a month?

In a way, yes! But you don’t need to go that far of course.

The goal is to ingrate tantric sex practices in your daily life until it becomes totally natural for you and your partner.

The next step would be to be in an ideal protected setting.

It can be a holiday place, resort, nature location or spiritual retreat situation.

In these contexts, you can use all your resources and energy to focus on this inner transformation process.

What if you can’t step out of your routine and need to stay at home, work and focus on all your daily tasks?

You will of course still practice tantric sex in that context.

The benefits and experiences you will get are very intense no matter what.

It simply means that you might tend to get more distracted by other daily practicalities and will need to focus on lots of other things, not just your tantric practices.

The results are still there!

Practicing tantric sex from exactly where you are is definitely the best way to go.

In a way, there is no need to go anywhere. You can create your own tantric temple at home and design a very harmonious and healthy life style conductive for profound changes.

The tantric sex path can be practiced anywhere.

All you need is to start moving.