December 16, 2009

What does the eastern tantric tradition think of tantric sex? - ARTICLE

As far as I know, you do have sex tantra schools in India as well.

However, these streams are marginal in India as they are in the West.

The main tantric stream in India has little to do with sex.

It is based on worship, rituals and devotion.

Many people in the East will be shocked by sex tantra practices. They might see it as a dangerous direction to engage into.

Now, there are other streams which do encourage the mystical sexual arts.

The whole stream of Kama Sutra or what you find in the temples of Khajuraho are all tantric sex jewels you find nowhere else.

This means that India is probably as divided as the West concerning the idea of tantric sex.

Did you know for instance that Gandy wanted to have the temples of Khajuraho destroyed?

This is where these well know erotic sculptures come from.

Apparently, there was something in that tantric stream that he did not like.

The tantric community and a few well known eastern figures opposed this destruction and the temples were saved.

In the East as in the West, there are many different opinions, some of them very extreme.

In terms of exactly how many people in India would embrace the sex tantra stream, I definitely have no clear idea.

My guess is that it is probably similar to what you find in the West.