December 16, 2009

Tantric commercialization - ARTICLE

This is one of the top challenges tantra faces.

Success with tantra has nothing to do with money or organizations.

The commercial system existing anywhere around the world is just a way of exchanging goods.

Now, when we enter into spiritual oriented fields, commercialization can create this disturbing background sound, especially when you are looking for total and mystical purity.

It happens to yoga as well. It happens to meditation schools and organizations.

It is the risk of loosing track with what you intended to do at first.

For instance, when a tantric teacher sets up an organization and starts selling products online, there is a high risk of getting side tracked.

The commercial aspect of this teacher’s activities can totally overlap the original tantric quest.

This means that students wanting to get in touch with the tantric system might feel first the marketing structure of what is offered.

Everyone is learning of course.

Tantric teachers are good people and simply want to strengthen a message or a teaching.

I know they are doing their best.

Now, what we see today might not be the end of the story.

New systems and teachings might be emerging, which will be based on a different set of priorities: open and free transmission might come before money.

This means that words like “copyright”, “membership”, “price” are all words which could be disappearing from the tantric environment.

When you start thinking of the greater good and the free transmission of tantra, the dynamics needed to achieve this are very clear: freedom, space, trust, love, respect and so much more.

These are the qualities we’ll try to set up in the centre of our activities.

As we do so, we’ll try to keep the commercial or marketing aspects aside and put back the absolute essence of tantra in the core of our message.