December 16, 2009


If you want to reduce the risk of contracting an STD, you need to stick to one or a very limited number of sexual partners.

If you go around having sex with just anyone, the risk of catching an unwanted STD gets of course much higher.

If you do have sex with many partners, you need to apply simple safe sex techniques.

There is plenty of documentation on this topic, so we won’t explore it here.

Some of these techniques can feel limiting.

Suppose that you have oral sex for instance, using a condom might not always be the most exciting perspective for a couple.

The real alternative is to be faithful and explore the tantric sex avenue with one partner.

If you choose for multiple partners, you can as well succeed of course, but you’ll need to be more cautious of course.

Listen to warning signs as well: you need to use your instinct with this and realize that certain population groups are more at risk.

If you are a male and visit a prostitute in the streets of Bangkok, Kolkata or an African capital, you have of course many more chances to put your health and life at risk.

If you visit a city, you’ll often avoid certain streets and neighborhoods because you know that crime might be high over there.

You simply use your common sense and listen to warning signs.

These warning signs are often there.

Listen to them when exploring your sexuality as well.

For instance, if you meet a potential sex partner who talks about a heroin addiction past for instance, you need of course to be extremely cautious.

Another rule is not to engage into active high risk sexual exchanges after one or two dates.

You can delay the moment of intercourse.

You can be lightly intimate and give each other time to build complicity and confidence.

Passion is a very positive force.

Now, if this is the only guiding force you use, you might get yourself in trouble.

You need to be smart when you explore the tantric sex realm.

If you listen carefully, at least 95% of the “health hazards” you could face can easily be avoided.

For the other 5% you can use extra skills like safe sex practices and not engaging into active intercourse and high risk practices if something feels not right.

Even then, take steps cautiously and protect yourself.

You do that not only for yourself but for those you love as well.