December 16, 2009

Contraception and pregnancy - ARTICLE

This is a key issue in the tantric sex world.

Sex can have many different uses and purposes.

On one side you have the natural procreation drive.

On the other side you have the use of sex as a path of inner transformation and regeneration.

These two uses or directions can enter in conflict.

You will often hear a woman saying she just got pregnant without really having planned it: “It just happened”, “We did not try to stop it”

This is such a huge contradiction in today’s world because you do have at least some amount of control over having children or not.

You can use various contraceptive methods which are all aimed at deciding if and when you want to have children.

Now, it’s as if sometimes the mind gets veiled to allow nature and destiny to follow its course.

It’s as if the rational decision of not being sure about having children is overpowered by an invisible natural force.

Within the tantric sex context, it is essential to understand how this works and realize that you do have the power to decide whether you want children or not.

You are not merely a victim of it.

You are actually the architect of it.

Within the tantric sex experience, the main mean of contraception is simply semen retention.

As a man, you simply don’t ejaculate.

You preserve your energies internally and simply don’t loose semen.

It is pretty obvious that if you practice this fully, it is simply impossible to conceive a child…

Unless of course we dive into the idea of Immaculate Conception, but that’s another debate, right?

When you practice tantric sex, conception is not the goal.

In other terms, the focus is on spiritual and mystical experience rather than procreation.

If you are luck warm about this and are not sure, there are good chances that you or your partner might get pregnant along the way.

Pregnancy will “just” happen.

It does not need to be that way. You can be firm about what you want and consciously decide whether you want children or not.

Then, act accordingly.

You can as well leave it up to the cosmos to decide for you. That’s fair enough as well.

Now, if you want to practice and explore tantric sex, observe strictly contraceptive behaviors to avoid any surprises.

Again, if you want to be firmly on the tantric sex ground, you’ll need this extra awareness and conscious action.

You will need to reinforce this boundary and make sure that if one day you conceive a child, it was your decision, not just some form of natural mistake.

Remember, if you don’t want to make a child right now and would rather explore the tantric sex path, you’ll need to be firm with this.