July 14, 2009

This intense fire and profound desire... - ARTICLE

This intense fire and profound desire that you feel through your whole being is a stream of energy which embodies itself in you.

You let this flow radiate through your being and it opens doors of pleasure and delight in your being.

This intense sensuality that wakes up in you radiates waves of fire any time you feel a touch on your skin.

It can be a delicious kiss, simply the touch of a hand or the passionate embrace with another naked being...

These sensual pleasures flow through you and open doors of new awareness in you.

They are waves of fire.

They are limitless and wake up your inner profound tantric identity.

You radiate and exchange energy with everything in and around you.

Your chakras open up and you feel your heart tingling with refined beauty.

Behind these delightful sensations, you experience something much deeper taking place.

It is the profound transformation of your whole being.

You are now waking up to a whole new reality.

It is a state of total intense inner freedom and bliss.

You see life exactly the way it is.

No words can describe the magic of this beauty you experience right now.

It is as if your whole life had been a path leading to this experience.

You now know that life will never be the same again.

You feel this initiation took place in you.

It is a fresh start which cleared old emotions and brings you into a new sphere of awareness.

You see now the profound purpose of the intense pleasures you felt before.

You are open!

You are free!